HRS Consulting

HRS Consulting, Inc is a privately owned PeopleSoft consulting firm. We specialize in the implementation, maintenance and enhancement of PeopleSoft's HRMS and Financial application software. We also offer the PeopleSoft functional and process expertise required to deliver end-to-end service. Our skills and abilities span the following modules:

Founded in 1997, HRS has continued to grow over the years and now provides quality PeopleSoft services for several major companies. HRS was established on the premise that we can provide unique benefits to the PeopleSoft community. We have been installing and developing PeopleSoft software since HRMS Release 2.0 in 1993, which has given us an in-depth knowledge of the application. As a result, we are able to provide multiple solutions for a given situation. This keen insight of the system provides us with a competitive advantage over other consulting firms who are still developing basic PeopleSoft skills. Over the past 8 years, we have developed a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with PeopleSoft that provides additional comfort and assurance to our clients.